Office of Grants and Contracts Accounting

The Office of Grants and Contracts Accounting is dedicated to serving the post-award needs of investigators and departmental administrators by providing a post-award accounting function for all awards received by the University. The office is responsible for establishing accounts for new awards in the University accounting system, entering the appropriate budget and overhead information for each award, and preparing all billing and financial reporting as required by the sponsoring agency. Assistance is provided to investigators and administrators on issues such as allowability of costs, availability of funds, cost sharing, and general information regarding accounting and costing policies. Other areas of responsibility include grants and contracts accounts receivable, award closeout, record retention, and coordination of the annual federal audit.

Grants and Contracts Accounting follows a cradle-to-grave management concept, in which one accountant is responsible for an award from inception to closeout. This practice of using a single point of contact eliminates uncertainty and provides a consistent relationship between the investigator and the office. However, any staff member can offer assistance in the absence of the department's assigned accountant.

If you have any questions, or would like to speak to someone about your award(s), please feel free to call, e-mail, or just drop by the office. Someone will be happy to assist you.

Main office number: 504-865-5581

Name   Title   Email   Phone
Tanya Stevens-O'Rourke   Assistant Controller, Grants & Compliance   x42793
Lori Rigby   Associate Director   x42773
Lanissa Grogan-Stewart   Senior Accountant   x42610
Joni Bran   Senior Accountant   x42788
John Collins   Accountant III   x42699
Gail Lassair   Accountant III   x58337
Nicole LaBranche   Accountant III   x42797
Crystal Gray   Accountant III   x42795
Shannon Vitrano   Accountant III   x55109
Diaundra Barnes-Martin   Accountant II   x42796
Jimmy Tran   Accountant II   x42278
Nicholas Kim   Accountant II   x42781
Enid Fahrenholt   Accountant II    x42747
Corey Harris   Accountant II   x42798
Jessica Bourne   Senior Effort Compliance Analyst   x42761
Heather Grego   Effort Compliance Analyst   x42780
Omar Fleury   Effort Compliance Analyst    
Barbara Harris   Administrative Assistant   x55109
Ray Busche   Systems Specialist    
Departmental email    


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